Month: August 2019

The Depth of a Humanitarian’s Strength, Power and Love

  World Humanitarian Day honours efforts of humanitarians all over the world and advocates for the bravery of supporting people especially in times of crises. As the world’s population increases, with limited resources, humanitarian efforts become indispensable especially in times of crises. People all over the world may need help in one form or the […]
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Ghana: Universal Health Coverage Roadmap

  Universal Health Care (UHC) is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as ensuring that all people have access to health services (including prevention, promotion, treatment, rehabilitation and palliation) of sufficient quality to be effective while also ensuring that the use of these services do not expose the user to financial hardship.Ghana has committed […]
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Transforming Education for the Youth

  There are about 1.8 billion young people between the ages of 10-24 in the world, making up the largest population of youth to ever exist. Similarly, 57% of the Ghanaian population are young people under the age of 25. Without a doubt, it is imperative that issues pertaining to the youth are brought to […]
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