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Gains Assurance

Gains Assurance is a partnership firm incorporated under the laws of Ghana, and licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana. Gains Assurance delivers audit, assurance, other attestation services in accordance with International Auditing Standards and other applicable regulations. Our experts are ready to talk to you. Send us a message Select EnquiryStrategy & General […]
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Other Services

Other Services We offer Special services in the management of organizations such as corporate governance, internal control, systems, training facilitation, staff recruitment, talent management, specialized one-off financial transactions. Our experts are ready to talk to you. Send us a message Select EnquiryStrategy & General AdvisoryOutsourced Accountancy ServicesBalanced Scorecard ImplementationTax AdvisoryProcess ImprovementsBusiness Nurturing and Funding SupportOperational […]
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Operational Planning and Performance

Operational Planning Efficient operational planning impacts directly on profitability, long-term competitiveness and survival of your business. Gains Advisory will help you through your budgetary process with operational forecasts. Reliable Sales and Cash flow projections will drive your business to ensure controllable business interruptions are avoided in an efficient manner (working capital management). We also help […]
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Business Nurturing and Funding Support

Business Nurturing and Funding Support We do not give you funds, we help your organization position itself advantageously with financiers (debt and/or equity). We provide the managerial support in nurturing and growing your business. Our experienced and flexible staff are ever ready to walk you through the mud in realizing our shared dream. It starts […]
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Process Improvements

Process Improvements Efficiency and improved quality are outcomes of continuously improving business processes. While improved quality impacts on customer satisfaction and ultimate growth (competitive advantage), efficiency affects an organizations cost management, customer retention (influenced by pricing), and ultimate survival. Gains Advisory will partner you to ensure wastages emanating from non-value adding processes are eliminated while […]
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Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory If the payment of tax was a choice, not many persons (corporate and individual) will chose. The Knowledge of the relevant tax laws is key to compliance without any adverse impact on the sustainability and competitiveness of enterprises. We have experts in Ghanaian tax laws at Gains Advisory Ltd who will make this […]
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Balanced Scorecard Implementation

Balanced Scorecard Implementation Strategy activation is the most failed endeavor by most organizations (businesses, governmental agencies, and other non-profit motive organizations), for which reason most organizations fail. No strategy is ever intended to fail, but few strategies achieve their intended result. We help breach the gap to ensure your strategy is translated to action. We […]
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Outsourced Accountancy Services

Outsourced Accountancy Services Accurate, Reliable, Timely, Relevant accounting information is bedrock for sound organizational fact based decision making. At Gains Advisory, we don’t just offer you advise but partner you to deliver professional and reliable accounting services (including payroll administration) to ensure data integrity, while adhering to regulatory requirements. We help businesses meet IFRS, and […]
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Strategy & General Advisory

How strategic is your strategy? Are your achieving your strategic objectives? Are your gains sustainable? What is your business continuity plan in this era of constant change?  We offer sound business advise based on assessment of the general business environment, industry specific, and the client (partner) organization. We highlight business opportunities and threats (risks) which […]
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