Month: June 2019

GESI Actions in National Policies Towards UHC; So Far, So Good?

Gender Inequality and Social Exclusion (GESI) is aviolation of human rights and causes diversemultiplying negative effects on individuals and thesociety at large. Women, children, aged and othervulnerable groups are subjected to varying degreesof health related practices which are dangerous totheir well-being due…
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World Blood Donor Day 2019: Safe Blood for All!

Blood donations are essential in ensuring individuals and communities have adequate access to affordable and timely supplies of safe and quality blood and blood products. Blood and blood products are vital in the management of many medical conditions and emergencies including women who bleed during pregnancy and childbirth, children who suffer from severe anemia due […]
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Scaling up the CSE Project

With an increased funding from United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), ARHR is scaling up its project, ‘Empowering Adolescent Girls through Improved Access to Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Quality Gender-responsive Sexual Reproductive Health services’, to the Volta and Ashanti Regions. The project which seeks to empower adolescent girls through improved access to comprehensive sexuality education and […]
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