‘‘My Health, My Right’’- Dr Joseph Dodoo’s Perspective

Globally, pursuing health equity is a continuous endeavour, and Ghana is no exception. Despite strides in healthcare delivery and access, the nation faces multifaceted challenges that impede progress toward achieving equitable health outcomes for all. Ghana’s healthcare system is grappling with systemic issues that undermine its capacity to deliver equitable care. Inadequate funding and resource […]
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The Benefits of Abstinence: the Perspective of an Adolescent

Abstinence is the act or practice of abstaining especially from engagement in sexual intercourse, or consumption of intoxicating beverages. Concerning adolescents, practicing abstinence requires high motivation, dedication, and a deep understanding from both partners. The advantages of abstinence cannot be emphasized enough, as it is the only birth control method that has a 100% success […]
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World Contraception day

Breaking Myths and Misconceptions to Improve Family Planning Uptake; Dr. Yaa Saarrah Adu-Gyamfi’s Perspective

It has been more than five decades since the National Family Planning Programme, which seeks to assist couples and individuals of all ages to achieve their reproductive goals and improve their general reproductive health was established. Although the country has made progress, including the integration of family planning in Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme benefits […]
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Menstrual Hygiene Management

Menstrual Hygiene Management: Addressing Challenges to Improve Women and Girls’ Well-Being

Introduction Women and girls face numerous challenges with regards to their sexual and reproductive health as well as accessing services. Although there are efforts to improve educational opportunities for girls, one of the challenges they face is menstrual hygiene management and other pubertal changes. Many studies have documented the impact of menstruation on the education […]
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Leveraging the Missing Link between a Healthy Environment and Improved Health for Better Health Outcomes and Well-Being

A growing number of people worldwide are failing to recognize the devasting effects of environmental crisis on health, particularly, the disproportionate impact on women and girls, as well as other vulnerable populations who lack the resources to protect themselves or adapt to the changes. According to a WHO report, climate change has the potential to […]
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