ARHR convenes Consultative Meeting to Review its Health Systems Change Strategy

ARHR Technical workshop

Accra, Ghana (March 21, 2024) – ARHR convened a consultative meeting with technical experts to review its draft systems change strategy for implementing an initiative funded by Co-Impact. 

The gathering brought together about 20 technical experts with diverse health backgrounds from the Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service, UNFPA, CSO partners, and others and provided nuanced feedback on its ambitious draft fourth-module systems change strategy aimed at making women the core of primary healthcare in Ghana.

The systems change strategy includes identifying community healthcare challenges, envisioning improvements, developing strategies for change, strengthening weak areas, and measuring progress.

“We are undertaking this groundbreaking project with support from Co-Impact to transform how women access quality health services truly,” says ARHR’s Executive Director, Vicky T. Okine, “but first we need your inputs to ensure our approach is comprehensive and leaves no one behind.”

Key recommendations from participants included collaborating closely with the Ghana Health Service, partnering with religious organizations and traditional leaders, encouraging youth involvement, integrating digital health solutions, and addressing cultural barriers to health care.

Structural changes, including gender-sensitive approaches and involving men in the project implementation as male allies, were emphasized as crucial elements for the project’s success. Furthermore, integrating digital health solutions, alternative healthcare provisions, and strategies to address non-communicable diseases (NCDs) were underscored as vital components of the strategy.

Participants urged incorporating in the strategy recent data, involving frontline health workers in decision-making, campaigning for public mindset shifts, and considering non-communicable diseases and alternative medicine.  

Others indicated that the scope was ambitious but critically important and added that with the right collaborative approach and prototyping solutions, “we can get these comprehensive reforms implemented nationwide.”

The consultative meeting was instrumental in providing valuable insights and recommendations for refining the draft systems change strategy. ARHR affirmed its commitment to carefully consider these inputs as it proceeds with implementing the “Putting Women at the Centre of Primary Health Care” Project, underscoring its dedication to continue contributing its bit in ensuring equitable access to healthcare services and systems.


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