International Day for Universal Access to Information: “Leaving No One Behind”

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Access to quality and reliable information is a fundamental human right. It plays a transformative role in empowering citizens, giving equal opportunities and facilitating fair debate. Universal access to information promotes accountable and effective governments and paves the way for freedom of participation in public affairs.

This year’s theme, Access to Information: Leaving No One Behind, seeks to address the gap that has been created by the era of digital transformation causing new forms of inequality. To combat this, digital innovation must go hand in hand with the obligation of the Ghanaian government to adopt and implement legislation that ensures that there is equal public access to information. Through implementing laws, investing in  relevant infrastructure,  and  engaging civil  society  and  young  people  in  particular,  access  to  information  can protect  human  rights  and  drive sustainable development.

As an organization, ARHR has been at the forefront of providing information on sexual and reproductive health and rights, ensuring gender equality and social inclusion, bridging gaps and innovating for malaria and implementing other health related initiatives to vulnerable communities throughout Ghana. Through research and advocacy, we provide these communities with quality information that gives them agency and improves their overall health outcomes.



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