Regional Street Marches held in 4 Regions to Commemorate International Women’s Day

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Four (4) regional street marches were organized on Monday, 9th March, 2020 by the Universal Access to Health Care Campaign (UAHCC) in collaboration with the Primary Health Care (PHC) Advocacy Coalition as part of activities to commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day.

The marches took place in the Greater Accra, Ashanti, Upper East and Northern Regions of Ghana with the support of our CBO partners in these regions. Participants of the march included members of the UAHCC, members of the PHC Advocacy Coalition, other CSOs in Health, Persons with disability, adolescents and other non-state actors.

Ultimately, the goal of the marches was to submit a CSOs’ Communique on health to the Minister of Health in Accra and also, through his representatives in the other regions. The streets marches raised the public’s attention to some critical issues concerning health care in Ghana through the display of placards that conveyed strong messages to government on the state of health care in Ghana.

Key issues in the communique were geared towards improving the health care system of Ghana and making it accessible for all, thereby attaining UHC. The team requested government to develop a domestic resource mobilization plan to support the health sector and ensure health for all, especially women of reproductive ages. Among other issues were the need for government to allocate 15% of the 2021 national budget to the health sector; allow the National Health Insurance Scheme to operate freely without interference with the way funds are disbursed; develop a clear cut plan and policy for PHC that supports UHC; and not use 70% of the health sector budget on compensations.

The communique was presented to key government officials in the four (4) regions including the Minister of Health in Accra; who committed to adhere to the recommendations outlined in the communique and help to ensure improved and quality health for all.

Attached is the communique: COMMUNIQUE TO THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH



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