ARHR Wins Grant to Develop an Advocacy Plan to Address Gender Gaps in PHC

ARHR wins grant

The Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights (ARHR) is one of five organizations to win the Global Health Council’s (GHC) first-ever Advocacy in Motion (AIM) 2022 grant intended to support CSO advocacy, health equity, and amplify the voices of local and regional organizations.

As an organization that advocates for strengthened primary health care (PHC) toward increased access to equitable and quality health care, ARHR aims to develop an advocacy plan aimed at making gender equity central to the delivery of Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) and National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) services to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

The Challenge

In Ghana, the NHIS and provision of CHPS compounds could have far-reaching implications for achieving UHC; while provision is made for women-focused services, gender equity is not central to their delivery. Therefore, available services and delivery methods do not encourage women’s access to and uptake of CHPS and NHIS facilities sufficiently. There are indications of women’s differential access to and use of health resources arising from contextual issues including finances, location, time, information, and familial relationships. NHIS, for example, does not cover out-of-pocket costs, a critical consideration for women.

Addressing the Challenge

The implementation of the advocacy plan will contribute to upscaling and mainstreaming gender equity considerations in improving accessibility, affordability, and quality of NHIS and CHPs facilities. Lessons from the implementation of the advocacy plan will be the basis for a national- level review of the provisions for PHC and NHIS in the current National Health Sector Mid-Term Plan. This is in anticipation of the 2026-2030 Sector Plan to expand women’s access to health and social services, sustainably.

How will this microgrant help

The microgrant will provide ARHR with resources to mobilise its advocacy partners including the Coalition of NGOs in Health, the Universal Access to Healthcare Campaign, and the MamaYe Advocacy Coalition to develop a strong advocacy plan that will seek to address the gender gap in the delivery of CHPS and NHIS to achieve UHC in Ghana.

About the Global Health Council (GHC)

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