UAHCC Organizes a 2020 Budget Analysis Dissemination Meeting

The Universal Access to Health Care Campaign (UAHCC) which a national campaign driven by a network of local and international NGOs including ARHR, the Coalition of NGOs in health, Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC) and Send Ghana has organized a meeting to disseminate findings on an analysis of the 2020 budget for the health sector in Kumasi and Tamale.

The aim of the meeting was to use gaps identified in health service delivery and government priorities to develop a CSOs manifesto and submit same to government and other health stakeholders. The manifesto is expected to draw government and other health stakeholders’ attention to the real needs and priorities of the health sector.

Participants of the meeting included CSOs and organizations who work with and for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and other marginalized groups in society as well as the media. Among the many recommendations made by participants was the need to increase health premiums for a more robust NHIS service package.

The UAHCC is being hosted by ARHR with funding from Oxfam in Ghana and a combined reach of over 500 partner organizations working on health related issues in all regions of Ghana. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to advocate for the legislation and commitment on quality and accessible universal healthcare for all, free at the point of use with identified new sources of funding from tax and innovative finance mechanisms by 2030.

The campaign employs a wide range of strategies which include policy analysis, research, evidence generation, advocacy and media engagements.



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