CSOs and Media workshop to advocate for GESI actions towards UHC


CSOs working in the health related field and the media were engaged by ARHR in a workshop on Tuesday, 28th January, 2020 to advocate for state institutions to be more accountable in meeting gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) commitments towards UHC.

The workshop was attended by over 25 CSOs and the media who came together to add their voices to the call for government to ensure that GESI is considered in all commitments, actions and policies relating to health.

With funding from Star Ghana, ARHR is working to ensure a systematic integration of GESI in national health policies, programmes and commitments towards UHC in Ghana. A monitoring audit of progress made in the integration, implementation and impact of GESI actions in UHC since the inception of the project in 2017 was undertaken. The results of the monitoring audit was disseminated to state and non-state actors at various levels to demand redress of gaps in GESI actions towards UHC and to ensure sustainability of progress in integrating GESI in UHC in Ghana.

An analysis of the audit results were shared with participants at the meeting who brainstormed, in groups, for sustainable actions and recommendations to address the gaps identified in the results. A communique was developed as an outcome of the deliberations which will be submitted to decision and policy makers of health in Ghana as well as various stakeholders of health.



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